Carat Ray Face

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ReFa Carat Ray Face has the following features: Perfectly fits in your hand with a flowing, streamlined form. Features a large solar panel for generating ""microcurrent""*. The Double Drainage** Rollers grip and glide to replicate the ""kneading"" manipulations that help firm and tighten your skin. Helps rejuvenate your skin's radiance and suppleness with grip and glide action. Coated in a brilliantly bright platinum, it is compatible for even delicate skin. Conforms with JIS standards (equivalent to IPX7). This product can be used in the bathtub. Size: approximately 67mm ×149mm ×42mm Weight: approximately 87g Accessories: Instruction Manual, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth *Compared with ReFa CARAT. **Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to express any effect the product has on your body.

Standard Way to Hold: Firmly grip the thicker part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand. Contours of face: Roll along your cheekbones from the corners of your mouth to in front of your ears. Head Care: Closing your eyes, roll gently from the forehead to the top of the head. Neck Care: Roll up and down along the line of the neck between the head and the base of the shoulder and neck. Upper Arm Care: Roll from your elbow toward your armpit, pulling up as you roll. Bust Care: Pressing down below your armpit, roll towards the center of your chest as if to gather your bust inward. Waist Care: Roll up and down along the side of the body, pulling up as you roll.

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